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1. High Priestess of Sexual Witchcraft

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High Priestess of Sexual Witchcraft

Wayne is home from the sea, and ready for some girly action. While he and his mother exchange a lot of innuendo, nothing develops along those lines. His father is a Bible-thumping minister who is dominated by his wife behind closed doors. Mom generously points son Wayne towards young Sally Porter, who has grown to womanhood during Wayne's long absence at sea. Fortunately, Sally is as big a horn-dog as Wayne, and they get it on almost immediately. The next morning, Wayne drives mom to work, but finds that "work" is just a ruse, as she hops in a cab after Wayne drops her off. Wayne tails her to an apartment building, where he spies on her through the skylight. Turns out good old mom is a Satanic priestess, conducting a ritual of initiation for a young woman on this particular morning.